Friday, January 6, 2017

Tales to Terrify

What they want:
Tales to Terrify is a volunteer-run fan podcast featuring short horror, dark fantasy, and other disturbing fiction.

All submissions are welcome and encouraged from writers of every race, religion, nationality, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Feel free to challenge the definition of horror. Standard tropes and monsters are welcome just as much as blood, sex and gore. Scare us with your Gothic stories of haunted buildings, but do your best to honor the diversity within the genre. We want to be terrified by your concepts, by your implications, by your story’s possibilities. We want to read works that threaten to bleed into our reality and corrupt something as ordinary as a toaster.
Scare us. Make our breath stop and disturb our minds. Anything is allowed as long as it’s well-conceived and well-written.

Terrify the hell out of us with your tales.

* Limited submission windows (check website for details)
Length: 2,000-10,000 words (offers payments for stories over 2,000 words only)
Payment: $50
Submission Guidelines:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Shelter from the Storm

What they want:
We will be accepting six short stories of the highest quality for this anthology, which is designed to be read in one stormy sitting. The story must begin with an individual, couple, or group seeking shelter from a storm of some kind. Atmosphere, suspense, and a gripping plot are essential elements.

Wants well-written and thoroughly edited tales in the following genres:
  • Mystery (especially, a brilliant locked-room mystery) 
  • Suspense 
  • Psychological Horror 
  • Historical (but you need to know your facts, because we do) 
  • Strange and quirky stories
Deadline: July 31, 2017
Length: 3,500-7,000 words
Payment: 0.01 pounds (GBP) per word, capped at 50 pounds
Submission Guidelines:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Black Superheroes Do It Too!

What they want:
We want full stories, not just sex scenes with interesting superheroes and villains, action packed confrontations, with intense and unique sexual situations.

Stories should be reality based and lean towards a dark and gritty tone more than campy, or whimsy. Superheroes should also be human and black, although not necessarily African American.

As for super powers, we have already been flooded with stories of characters with elemental based abilities. No more fire, wind, rain, or lightening control stories are needed.

Writers can also contact me directly at [email protected] for story prompts as this can help keep the theme of the anthology on track, and also give writers their best chance at acceptance, being that their story idea was something we specifically asked for.
Deadline: Open until filled
Length: 3,500-10,000 words
Payment: $100
Submission Guidelines:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Anathema: Spec from the Margins

What they want:
You must be a queer person of colour/visible minority to submit to Anathema. That covers a lot of ground, but if you have questions please do query us.

We are open to any form of genre or speculative content. We talk about what we do as "SF/F/H, the weird, slipstream, surrealism, fabulism, and more," elsewhere on the site. But we are not limited to those genres. Use them as a starting point and send whatever you want: as long as it's got some kind of speculative content we'll consider it. And we are also interested in seeing work that has been difficult to place because of content or perspective.

*Limited submission windows (check website for details)
Length: Fiction 1,500-6,000 words, non-fiction 1,500-3,000 words
Payment: $50 (CAD) for fiction and non-fiction
Submission Guidelines:

Monday, January 2, 2017

Shotgun Horror Clips

What they want:
That is why DeadLights Horror Fiction Magazine would like to present: Shotgun Horror Clips! A digital e-zine that is free to the public, Shotgun Horror Clips allows authors to practice their craft and reach out to new audiences as we can hyperlink within the digital magazine to any source you choose. Our goal is to allow the horror community at large to interact with your story, and give you feedback; to start a dialogue between new author and new readers. 
Length: Flash fiction 300-900 words, short stories under 4,000 words, poetry up to 1 page long
Payment: $5 for flash & poems, $10 for short fiction
Submission Guidelines: