Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gods and Monsters

What they want:
When it comes to Gods and Monsters, anything goes. You – the author – should take the theme and run with it any way you want. It can be Gods VERSUS Monsters, or Gods but not Monsters, or Monsters without Gods. As usual, we encourage authors to subvert these sample themes, to expand upon what “gods and/or monsters” means, and adapt the prompt to other possible connotations and genres under the Speculative Fiction umbrella.
Deadline: December 31, 2016
Length: 1,500-17,500 words
Payment: $0.06 per word up to $500
Submission Guidelines:

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Revolutions 2

What they want: 
Stories must contain speculative fiction elements. This includes: science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, urban/contemporary fantasy, and dark fantasy.

All stories must be associated with Manchester or the Greater Manchester area in some meaningful way. For example, a story set aboard an orbiting space station that just happens to be called Manchester in the Alpha Proxima star system will probably be rejected. Having said that, we are flexible on this. The editors all have different tastes in fiction. If in doubt, submit!

Be creative. We want stories that are fresh, smart, entertaining, and emotionally satisfying. We want stories that surprise us, horrify us or offer us a glimpse of something we never imagined. You can be ultra-realistic or far removed from reality. The only thing is that your story must be set in Manchester or its suburbs.
Deadline: December 31, 2016
Length: 1,500-6,000 words
Payment: £15 Sterling
Submission Guidelines:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Unnerving Magazine

What they want:
Unnerving Magazine accepts short story submissions of horror, dark science fiction (light), dark fantasy and dark literary. Sex, gore and violence are welcome in moderation. The same goes for bizarro works, nothing too far gone (whatever that means). Please no hard science fiction, sword and sorcery fantasy, erotica, romance, humor that isn’t sinister or literary works that venture so far into experimental that it becomes nonsense.
Length: Up to 5,000 words
Payment: 1¢/word
Submission Guidelines:

Friday, August 19, 2016

DarkFuse Magazine

What they want:
Horror, thriller, suspense, crime, sci-fi, bizarre—anything with a dark slant. Original, never-before-published stories.
Length: 1,000-15,000 words
Payment: Pays 5 cents per word (max payout is 2,000 words)
Submission Guidelines:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures

What they want:
“The game is afoot!”
Welcome back to Baker Street! Holmes and Watson are there to greet you once more with amazing tales of murder, mayhem, and mystery with a supernatural twist. This time the great detective and his stalwart companion will venture into alternate universes, histories, and futures to solve puzzling cases of the paranormal beyond the bounds of imagination.

In Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures, I am looking for stories that diverge from the original canon setting of Victorian England. The adventures should be paranormal in nature, but the universe is completely open. In fact, stories set in the traditional Victorian will not be considered.

This time, I’m a little more flexible with genre. I am looking for stories that will fall into the speculative fiction genre and all its subspecies (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, magical realism, gothic horror, etc.). I’m even being adventurous this time and allowing for a romantic element as long as you stay true to the character, but NO EROTICA (it’s not that kind of book). The important thing is– – it has to have a paranormal thread. These are CURIOUS INCIDENTS, not everyday occurrences. Let your imaginations run wild and give me something I haven’t seen before!
Deadline: October 14, 2016
Length: 4,000-8,000 words
Payment: Royalties + contributor copy
Submission Guidelines:

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