Friday, September 4, 2015

Strangely Funny III

What they want:
It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Our annual collection of funny paranormal stories. Story must be funny and have supernatural/paranormal elements. Previous published stories include a farting contest with the Boogeyman, a Shriner who becomes a weregoat, and a hoarding intervention at the home of a wizard.
Submission Period: October 1-31, 2015
Length: 2,000-6,000 words
Payment: $5 advance + royalties
Submission Guidelines:

Thursday, September 3, 2015

See the Elephant

What they want:
See the Elephant is a new semi-pro e-zine published by Metaphysical Circus Press.

We are interested in fiction with a metaphysical slant—fiction that questions consensual reality and pushes the boundaries of genre—by both new and established writers from a variety of cultural and philosophical traditions. Styles include the fantastic, magical realism, the weird, slipstream, fabulist, metaphysical, psychological and supernatural horror.
Length: 500-6,000 words
Payment: 6c per word for original content, max $200. 2c per word for reprints published in the magazine, maximum $100. 1c per word for web only reprints, max $50.
Submission Guidelines:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Those Who Make Us

What they want:
All writers must be Canadian citizens (living in Canada and/or paying taxes in Canada) and permanent residents of Canada.

For our forthcoming anthology, Those Who Make Us, we will gather together a unique body of speculative fiction with a focus on creatures, myths, and monsters set in a real or imagined Canada that highlight these diverse identities. We welcome stories about classic Canadian monsters, but Those Who Make Us will also explore how monsters from other cultures affect and are affected by Canadian landscapes. The cultural stories that shape our understandings of ourselves and our place in Canada are dynamic and Those Who Make Us will reflect the complexities of these interactions.
Deadline: November 2, 2015
Length: 2,000-7,000 words
Payment: 5 cents/word (CAD) for original fiction, and a contributor’s copy.
Submission Guidelines:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cheapjack Pulp

What they want:
The term Cheapjack originated as the name for a traveling peddler or tinker. The insinuation was that he was carrying inferior goods. This was moot because he served a poor clientele and did them the service of bringing the goods to them. It was all that some of them had sometimes. In the spirit of the penny dreadful, the pulp magazines of the industrial age, and the traveling tinkers of old....We proudly present to you CHEAPJACK PULP.
Length: Up to 8,000 words
Payment: .25cents per 100 words
Submission Guidelines:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Snafu: Unnatural Selection

What they want:
Anacondas, piranha, giant crocodiles/alligators/lizards, mutated bears near nuclear power stations, prehistoric sharks. These are a few of my favourite things. All of these featured heavily in books and films of the 70s and 80s, when bio-horror was at its modern peak. For this anthology of military-bio-horror stories, we are looking for you to take us back to those days. Think Greg McLean’s Rogue, Lake Placid, Eight-legged Freaks, Anaconda, Meg, Prophecy, Deep Blue Sea, and other modern films/books where people (in this case soldiers) are fighting against mutated or ultra-dangerous animals. Stories must include a strong military-combat aspect.
Submission Period: September 1 - November 30, 2015
Length: 2,000-10,000 words
Payment: AUD4c/word + 1 contributor copy in every format released
Submission Guidelines:


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