Friday, October 24, 2014

Whispers from the Abyss Volume 2

What they want:
We want authors hungry to play in the twisted universe envisioned by H.P. Lovecraft, or write tales that are in the spirit of his mythos. Like Lovecraft’s own work, the horror in this anthology aims to be subtle and subjective. The mind and its inner working are a far more terrifying place than the actual corridors of R’lyeh or the Mountains of Madness.

Ideally this anthology should hit readers like a really good mix tape (or iMix for those of you too young to remember what a cassette is). We want a variety of styles, themes, and moods that hook the readers fast, creep the hell out of them, and leave them wanting more. Experimentation is highly encouraged–especially unconventional narrative styles, meta-fiction, genre mash-ups, even sick humor. Of course, don’t be afraid to stick with the tried and true “ravings of a madman,” if that’s your jones. 
Deadline: May 30, 2015
Length: 2,500-4,500 words
Payment: 1 cent/word + digital contributor copy.  Two print copies will be provided once the book is printed in 2016.
Submission Guidelines:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Working Class Heroes

What they want:
Have you ever wondered why fantasy favours the privileged? From princesses to pirate captains, learned wizards to chivalrous knights? Even in modern and science fantasy we see men of power and influence – generals, superspies, corporate cronies and criminal masterminds.

Where are all the working class heroes?

This anthology has a simple premise: it’s protagonists must be the salt of the earth, the hardworking common folk who struggle against adversity and overcome the most challenging disadvantage of all: being of the wrong class.

Stories will be speculative fiction using fantasy, science fiction and horror as their genre. They will also include some social commentary, although overtly political perspectives will be rejected in favour of personal perspectives.

All stories should be new and original, sticking to the theme but including surprising and innovative elements. We expect these anthologies will particularly appeal to writers of historical fantasy and adventure.
Deadline: December 21, 2014
Length: 2,000-6,000 words
Payment: Royalties
Submission Guidelines:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Dimension

What they want:
Another Dimension Magazine is the evolution of Wily Writers Speculative Fiction Podcast. It has a more focused theme, that of classic-style Horror and Dark Fantasy, as seen on the television shows Night Gallery and The Twilight Zone, produced and often written by Rod Serling. We are doing blatant homage to these wonderful contributions to these genres. We'll release issues quarterly in both text and audio formats.
Length: 1,000-3,000 words
Payment: 3 cents/word
Submission Guidelines:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From the Corner of Your Eye: A Cryptids Anthology

What they want:


The Jersey Devil.

Creatures moving in the twilight between fantasy and reality. Beasts that delight, mystify, and terrify. Cryptids are everywhere, in the water, running on the land, or even soaring overhead, challenging our faith in what science knows. From mermaids taunting our ships and Mexican goat suckers who feast on livestock (if we’re lucky) to the Jersey Devil soaring overhead, belief is only a blink away.
Deadline: January 31, 2015
Length: 3,000-8,000 words
Payment: $25 + contributor's copy
Submission Guidelines:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Local Legends

What they want:
Where do legends begin? Loch Ness Monster, Bloody Mary, Big Foot, Elvis ….

Rumor is, legends begin as local talent. They become larger than life through word of mouth as more people learn of them and spread the news about their greatness. From Godzilla to Maude, legends start in a dark corner of the universe – whether it be Japan or a penumbra of someone’s candlelit bedroom – and grow to be bigger than life through well-run media campaigns and rubberneckers with unimpressive visual technology – you know, point-and-shoot cameras, primitive camcorders, and smartphones.

Well, today is your lucky day. The garden gnomes are looking for your local legends.

Is there a ghost with a machine gun running loose in your town? Maybe a drowned granny from the 19th century is roaming the countryside looking for souls to devour. Or perhaps a dog was run over on a major thoroughfare and now can be heard barking at passing cars on the loop around town late at night. Tell us your local legend.

Make it scary or make it funny. Just tell it well. We don’t care if you embellish. Hell, we likely won’t know. Just make us want to tell it to our children. If it’s good enough, maybe George Lucas will want to buy the movie rights (no promises; we’re not agents, you know).
Deadline: Until filled?
Length: 321-1,234
Payment: $5
Submission Guidelines: