Friday, February 19, 2010

The Cult - Absolute Write Water Cooler

Posted by LD Keach on Friday, February 19, 2010

Some days, a writer just needs to get their bearings.

Some days, a writer’s been locked in their room for a week and a half with no human contact save for You Tube videos and a packet of demon-possessed Skittles candy.

Some days, when the burden of the terrible task weighs down upon us too heavily, a writer needs to share in the camaraderie of the writer’s life and relish the joys that come with the pains of this monstrous career we have undertaken…

This site will not help you do any of that.

Don’t get me wrong; I adore the Absolute Write Water Cooler. It’s like word cocaine. One can go there and howl about the trials and tribulations of writing, connect with writers who’ve had similar experiences, get advice and support and lots of other happy shiny things. At the Absolute Write forums, you’ll learn more about the craft of writing and the publishing industry than Writer’s Market will ever teach you. With over 20,000 members, professional and non-professional alike, it is the premiere indie gathering place on the internet for writers.

There’s just a reason they call it the “Water Cooler.” Because you’re not working while you’re standing around it.

But, when you’re in a bind, check out the site and peruse their exhaustive boards for whatever help you might need, be it for character development, dealing with jerkish editors, viable market information, or even the philosophies of language itself—chances are, they will have posts detailing whatever it is you’re looking for. But, after that, remind yourself that, yes, you are a writer, and it’s a writer’s plight to suffer in reclusive dementia, alone.

And, speaking of suffering, I think I’m giving up second person plural for Lent. (I’m not Catholic, but my husband talked me into it; he says self-denial is good for the soul, especially when done in groups. Of course, he also says Mohawk Jesus was the fastest gun in the West, so maybe I shouldn’t listen to him.)

My point is; it’s good to remember suffering and self-denial when dealing with the fabulous addictiveness that is the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums. Don’t stand around the cooler for too long, ya’ll—aw, dammit, second person plural.

I screwed it up already. Mohawk Jesus won’t be pleased.