Friday, July 16, 2010

Now Accepting Submissions - Horror Agents

Posted by LD Keach on Friday, July 16, 2010

Agents! Ah! Flee in terror, flee in terror!

No, really, looking for an agency can be really scary--and really frustrating for horror writers. So, in response to this nail-biting, heart-stopping nightmare, I have compiled a short list of some agents who are actually, truly interested in representing horror and are open to submissions right now. More to follow soon (if I can find them...)

Jim McCarthy, Dystel & Goderich lit agency,

Jabberwocky Agency, UNTIL JULY 31

Adrienne Rosado, PMA Literary & Film,

Richard Henshaw Group,

Laurie McLean,

The Literacy Group,

Kirsten Wolf, Wolf Literary Services,

Kimberly Cameron & Associates,

Donald Maas Literary Agency,

Ginger Clark, Curtis Brown LTD,

Linn Prentis Literary,

L. Perkins Agency,


  1. I have published three books so far, the first two were self publishing, and the third, which was just released, was ona joint venture contract.
    This gave me some exposure, but not enough, and if I want more, the publisher demands loads of money.
    I feel I am a good, established writer, and it it time to move up. I have been trying on my own to get international connections, and as much exposure as I can, but it has been difficult. People I know, and see who I am look up to me knowbecause I have accomplished a lot, and worked hard for it.
    Now, it's time to move up one more step. I need an agent to help me get seen by publishers on a serious basis. I have faith in myself, my writing, and I know I can do good things with it.
    David Rhodes

  2. David Rhodes – The Ritual – new release - Risen

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is David Rhodes, and I write horror fiction. I rather enjoy ghosts as well, along with some mystery. I have published three times – The Ritual twice, of which the second edition turned out quite well. Both editions were, however, self-published. Risen was published on a joint venture contract. They did an excellent job on the book, but still, I am looking to move forward. I have many more books written and ready for consideration. For more info regarding that you can go to:

    I will leave you with a brief synopsis of the books for your consideration.

    The Ritual:
    Come pay a visit to Oak Junction, Iowa, a small farming community filled with clean air and good people. Nothing much ever happens there; day by day things go on as usual. That is, until the man in black shows up one day bearing a very old and powerful book.
    With this book, this mysterious would expose every bit of darkness and hatred these fine people never knew existed inside them. When a young college student falls prey to the town, it is up to her brother to find her before she becomes the next victim of The Ritual.

    Ok, that’s the synopsis for the The Ritual
    Now, here is the synopsis for Risen:

    Conveniently located directly across from the cemetery, Ramsey Funeral Home has ghosts coming and going.
    The century old mansion has been the last stop for numerous town residents, and some just don’t want to leave. If fact, many have Risen. But all the spirits who visit are not friendly. One is the ghost of a long-dead child killer and cannibal. The murderer has taken over the soul of Karl Ramsey, the mysterious mortician who runs Ramsey Funeral Home.
    This creepy house has always been the subject of conjecture, but now people are beginning to wonder if the disappearance of several people could be related to the funeral home.
    Adam Ramsey, Karl’s nephew and heir to the family estate through his grandfather, returns to his hometown, only to relive ghostly childhood memories. He seeks to discover if the terrible rumors about his uncle are true. Adam teams up with a woman whose eight-year-old- daughter has disappeared to find out exactly what is happening.
    Nothing, however, can prepare them for what they will discover.

    David Rhodes lives in Marion, Iowa. “Being a horror novelist and living right next door to the cemetery obviously gave me some good ideas about the book. The rest just fell together on its own, and I just followed along. After all, the characters are writing the book, saying what they say, doing what they do.

    Publisher’s website:

    For David Rhodes! all the info you need!