Friday, September 17, 2010

Vestal Review

Posted by Randi on Friday, September 17, 2010

What they want:
Vestal Review is a magazine for flash (short-shorts) fiction.   We realize that there are different definitions of what a flash story is and all of them have merit. In our definition, a flash story is no longer than 500 words and it has a plot. If it's longer than 500 words and/or has no plot, we are not interested. We are also not interested in porn, racial slurs, excessive gore, or obscenity. On the other end of the spectrum, no children's or preachy stories either, please. Our target audience is people over 18, so R-rated content is OK, but not X-rated. Most genres, other than children's, syrupy romance or hard science fiction, are accepted, and we love humor.

Length: Up to 500 words.
Payment: Every contributor will get a free copy.  Stories up to 100 words (excluding the title)--10 cents a word. Stories between 101 and 200 words--5 cents a word. Stories between 201 and 500 words--3 cents a word. Stories of great merit receive up to $25 flat fee; 3 cents a word is a minimum pay in any case.
Submission Guidelines: