Monday, August 20, 2012

Reviewer List - Horror and Dark Fiction

Posted by LD Keach on Monday, August 20, 2012

Looking for a reviewer can make a writer want to throw themselves into the path of a stampeding zombie horde—sometimes it's just easier to let Bubba eat your brain. Well, writers, whip out your shotguns and search for your shovels (and get out your good begging kneepads) because here's a starter list of some of those precious and rare horror reviewers out there. They're marvelous, they're gory, they're a pretty important vertebra in the backbone of the industry, so be very, very nice to them.

Horror Sites (you can tell, because they have HORROR in the name!): The new Horror-web. Hell is close to horror. So is Undead. Nat Robinson et al have got a cool operation, here, well worth checking out.

Horror Bloggers (aka kind, martyred souls deserving of much foot-kissing):

Major Magazine Reviewers (put on your Fancy Pants for these): Ooo, only galley proofs. So Fancy!