Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dark Regions Horror

Posted by Randi on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What they want:
Original novels, novellas, short story collections and anthologies of horror are welcome for consideration! Must belong in the horror genre (not all dark fiction is horror!). No reprints, no mulitple submissions.

We want scary/disturbing stories (this is horror, after all!). We do not want erotica or paranormal romance. Your story can have sub genres; thriller, crime, adventure, but the primary genre must be horror. Original ideas have the highest chance of publication. Classic monsters/rehashed plotlines/story arcs will be a tough sell if they don't have something original going on.

Send us horror that is scary, disturbing, original, well written with believable characters!

Length: 18,000-80,000 words
Payment: $500 advance, starting rates of 35% net royalties paperback, 45% net royalties for ebook editions
Submission Guidelines: http://www.darkregions.com/pages/Submit.html