Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Posted by Randi on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What they want:
...stylish, horrific, transgressive erotica with a more-than-liberal seasoning of weird. We want to see explorations of human (and non-human) sexuality with a wide emotional range. We want to be exposed to a literature of desire as seen through the distorting angles of a dangerous mystic gemstone; tales of transcendence, of transforming lust, of the joys (and costs) that come from dabbling with demons and the dark arts, of getting it on with grim god-things. Stories with a Lovecraftian inspiration are of course very welcome, but try to go beyond mere “tentacle sex” and really get down to the throbbing multi-dimensional heart of Mythos fiction: that there are things humans are not meant to know, and knowing them can be deadly. Or, in the case of NECRONOMICUM, deadly sexy.

Sub-genres of erotica we’re more than happy to look at: BDSM, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense, Gothic… obviously, all of these will need to be heavily influenced and informed by the Weird fiction and New Weird fiction schools.

Length: Up to 3,000 words for fiction, 50 lines for poetry.
Payment: $10CDN + mobi, ePub, & PDF contributor copies
Submission Guidelines: