Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Horror High: Freshman Fears

Posted by Randi on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What they want:

High school is hell. The bullying, the practical jokes gone horribly wrong, the humiliation at being turned down by the hottest girl/guy in school when you asked them to the dance. At the time we thought there was nothing worse, that our lives would be ruined forever, but we survived. Put that all aside now and think of other horrors that could have been. Is your school haunted? Are the professors aliens (or demons?) preying on the student body? Are they serving up something other than "food" in the cafeteria? And what's up with the new kid? There's something not quite right about him/her. What could it be? Let's see how horrific you can make high school. Subject matter is open, but no sexual situations involving children or animals.
Deadline: Until filled
Length: 2,500-7,000 words
Payment: 1/4 cent/word (subject to an increase). Digital copy + print copy.
Submission Guidelines:


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