Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Space Squid

Posted by Randi on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What they want:
Space Squid is a scifi/humor 'zine that's oriented to people who are bored easily. If your story is boring, then we can't take it. We reject lots of stuff. There needs to be totally rocking shit blasting out of that story of yours.

What isn't boring? Subversion isn't boring. Literary skill isn't boring. Memorable imagery isn't boring. Funny isn't boring. Funny and sad goes a long way. We want to laugh so hard that snot comes out of our noses while crying and beating our breasts. Try digressing from the standard style.

We like funny but it isn't always appropriate. That's why there's a slash when we describe ourselves as a sci-fi/humor 'zine. To be honest, we're not even tied to the sci-fi. We're technically a speculative fiction/humor 'zine, but we like to slum it in the genre ghetto.
Length: Under 1,000 words preferred. Runs one long story per issue.
Payment: $5 + contributor copy
Submission Guidelines: http://www.spacesquid.com/scifi-fantasy-mag/contributorguidelines/