Monday, June 13, 2016

87 Bedford

Posted by Randi on Monday, June 13, 2016

What they want:
We are seeking beautifully-written, original short stories by writers with distinct voices, and a clear, sweeping vision. We want to read stories not only for the pleasure they give us but also for the way they dare to dream, to risk, to question and to speak to our ever shifting world, possessing both the courage and craft needed to execute on their ambitious intent: the melding of art with entertainment.

We’ll take any great story that can be classified under the umbrella of commercial or genre fiction (romance, mystery, crime, etc). What gets us excited is speculative fiction in all its guises (fantasy, science-fiction, magic realism, surrealism, slipstream, urban fantasy, horror, steampunk, silk punk, cyberpunk, etc). We are fans of humor, but our tendency is towards dry wit, satire, or absurdity treated with a flat acceptance, rather than anything slapstick or vulgar.
Length: short & flash fiction (500-10,000 words), micro fiction (up to 100 words), serial fiction, poetry
Payment: $10 for short fiction, flash fiction, installments of serial fiction, or book reviews. $5 for everything else, such as reprints, micro fiction, poetry, art and photography, or other creative works.
Submission Guidelines: