Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Edge: Infinite Darkness

Posted by Randi on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What they want:
This collection is the embodiment of Darkness. There is no direct theme in terms of “ghost”, or “monsters”, or anything like that. What darkness can you bring forth that is hidden from the world? A darkness that perhaps exists in the woods, or your basement, or in the back of someone’s mind. Take the reader by the throat and drag their struggling body into the confines of this darkness and make them beg for their own sanity that you let them go.

Dark. Twisted. Sick. Perhaps psychological. Write something that would make the school psychologist call you in for questioning. Write something that would make a little kid afraid to close their door at night and their parents even more so. Write something that sends the readers mind into a spiral straight down into the darkness.
Deadline: May 1, 2017 (or until filled)
Length: 500-7,000 words
Payment: 1 cent/word
Submission Guidelines: https://www.facebook.com/PatrickReuman11/photos/a.373476322723063.81789.373445726059456/1388699277867424/?type=3&permPage=1


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