Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We Shall Be Monsters: Frankenstein Two Centuries On

Posted by Randi on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What they want:
We Shall Be Monsters is a fiction collection that will feature explorations of disability through Frankenstein, queer and trans identity, ideas of race and colonialism. Shelley’s story provides a space for exploring a multitude of identities through the figure of the sympathetic outsider. Frankenstein’s “monster” is a figure of Otherness, and one that can tell stories of exclusion and social oppression.

Stories do not need to be JUST about Frankenstein or his monster. We hope to get stories that play with ideas around Frankenstein and inspired by the theme. Of course, we want some stories that deal with Mary Shelley’s text.
Deadline: December 30, 2017
Length: 2,000-7,500 words
Payment: 3 cents/word CAD + contributor copy
Submission Guidelines:


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