Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dark Rainbow

Posted by Randi on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What they want:
Dark Rainbow will explore a wicked hunger within the LGBT sphere with exciting short stories that thrill the reader and all of their senses, but also send shivers down their spine. Send us the type of horrific treats that can only come with a queer protagonist, and tricks that have a lasting effect on the reader…a werebear who longs for more than a full moon can offer, a polyamorous necromancer, a witch who has plans for a different type of coven, a vampire who can’t let go of their favorite same-sex snack, a voodoo tale of zombies with a hunger for bisexual brains…

We are looking for stories that cover all sexualities and have an exciting, horrific edge. Blood and guts should be served with a sexy side course. There are several authors confirmed, so we are looking to complete the anthology with some stimulating new voices.

We welcome anything in the horror-erotica realm but no incest, no underage sex, no dubious consent, and be careful with age play. Horror should be relevant to the plot. Splatterpunk and extreme gore won’t be considered for this anthology.
Deadline: July 6, 2018
Length: 2,500-8,000 words
Payment: Royalties + print & PDF contributor copy
Submission Guidelines: http://riverdaleavebooks.blogspot.com/2018/06/call-for-stories-for-lgbtq-horror.html