Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Thuggish Itch: Devilish

Posted by Randi on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What they want:
Over the years, there have been many different depictions of the Devil. From Lucifer, the fallen angel with his immense wings and tufted tails to the bright red, horned beasts of modern pop culture.For their third collection, Thuggish Itch wants your stories about the Devil, demons and Hell.

There is a short turn around on this one as we already have several stories for inclusion in the collection.

Thuggish Itch is our horror, sci-fi and speculative fiction collection. Please make sure that your story falls within one of these genres.
Deadline: October 1, 2018
Length: 1,000-4,000 words
Payment: AU$5.00 for stories under 2000 words / AU$10.00 for anything above 2000 words
Submission Guidelines: http://www.gypsumsoundtales.com/Submissions.php