Friday, September 27, 2019

Body & Blood

Posted by Randi on Friday, September 27, 2019

What they want:
The best definition of erotic horror that we have found is "literature that arouses the reader…and then makes them complicit in the horror that ensues because of that arousal." From a submission call by Thurston Howl Publications.

Body & Blood is seeking erotic horror with a trashy aesthetic. We're looking for cult, b-movie style fiction from authors who identify as LGBTQ+. Send us your satanic sex cult orgies, or tales of the abandoned house gone wrong. We want erotic horror at it's trashiest.

This submission call is for authors who identify as LGBTQ+.  It is encouraged that the characters in your story identify as LGBTQ+ however is not a strict requirement. 
Deadline: October 18, 2019
Length: up to 5,500 words
Payment: $20 + print contributor copy
Submission Guidelines: