Monday, October 14, 2019

Thuggish Itch: Close the Gate

Posted by Randi on Monday, October 14, 2019

What they want:
There's something about a locked gate that just screams horror. The two ends of a thick metal chain linked by a strong and sturdy padlock. The signs warning passers by to keep out, stay clear, or that their presence is being watched by the nearby security camera. Is the gate locked to keep something in? Or to keep something even worse out?

For this collection, we would like you to send us stories in which a locked (or unlocked) gate is a major plot point. Are your characters trying to get in? Are they trying to get out? Are they the gate themselves or just those that control its usage?
Deadline: December 20, 2019
Length: 1,000-4,500 words
Payment: AU$5.00 for stories under 2500 words / AU$10.00 for anything above 2500 words
Submission Guidelines: