Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors 3

Posted by Randi on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What they want:
Monsters are many things. They come in all forms, shapes and sizes: from to the tiny to the titanic; from amorphous blobs to many limbed (or tentacled) monstrosities; from supernatural demons to man-made terrors. They come from any place and time: from under the bed to the woodshed; from the icy wastes to the darkest jungles; from the depths of the ocean to outer space; from the past, the future, the now!

Many things. Any things.

We are looking for stories featuring monsters for The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors 3: A Miscellany of Monsters to be edited by Peter Coleborn and Jan Edwards. To get a flavour of the type of writing we prefer, we suggest you check out volumes 1 and 2 of the series, available in print and eBook formats from Amazon and other sellers.

This is a loosely themed anthology. Just use that word – monster – and run with it. Avoid gratuitous sex, violence and gore. No overt religious themes. We are not fans of zombie stories, psychopathic killers, and we rather not see too many vampire tales.

Submission Period: January 1-January 31, 2021
Length: 3,000-6,000 words [+/- 10%]
Payment: 1p per word + contributor copy
Submission Guidelines: