Please note: is NOT a publisher.  We list book publishers, magazines, anthologies, and online zines that are accepting submissions.  If you want to submit a story, click on the "Submission Guidelines" link in the individual post to go to the publisher's website.  They will list their email address there.

To Submit a Publication

Please note that we now only list markets that pay writers (at minimum) a token rate.  Royalty payments are fine as well.

We do not consider exposure or contributor copies as payment (but contributor copies are a bonus!). We will also not list publications that charge authors a fee for submissions, other than the occasional contest.

Be sure to check that we haven't listed you already by searching first. If you are listed and the guidelines need to be updated, email me with the new details.

Email [email protected].  Please be sure to include:

  • Your site url

  • A link to your guidelines page

Want your book reviewed?

We are no longer reviewing books but Lorna has compiled a large list of websites open to reviews here.

Anything else?

For general inquiries, contact Randi at [email protected]